Bunte Blumen im Larimar Gartenparadies

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Environmental awareness & sustainability on vacation in Burgenland

The Hotel Larimar wants to act responsibly towards people and nature and relies on innovative concepts in order to do so.

“Acting sustainably means acting as if you were in the world and want to stay forever.”

The national surrounding of the intact nature are reflected in the whole hotelresort.
Green roofs, a lot of wood and natural materials in the interior, a lavish garden paradise on around 8.000m2, a romantic inner yard and a lot more create a wonderful and relaxing atmosphere of nature.

Anischt aus dem wunderschönen Sonnenblumenfeld Hotel Larimar
Heilkräutergarten vor dem Hotel Larimar

Holidays with a green conscience at the hotel Larimar

Hand in Hand with nature
  • The basis for everything we do at the Hotel Larimar is our commitment to the economical use of natural resources and the sustainable protection of the environment.  This idea was taken into account in the construction of the hotel in 2006/2007 and is also lived in daily operation.
  • We want to create the best possible environment not only for the present but also for the future generations.
  • Lasting construction with organic materials: The shape of the hotel is oval and creates with the egg shape a sense of security. The rooftops are planted with sedum plants and field flowers. The degree of the thermal insulation is increased through this ecological design.
  • The hotel was built with mostly natural materials like clay tiles as well as oiled spruce and larch wood. The windows and outside doors are made from oiled larch wood. The floors in the rooms are made of oiled oak and in most public rooms of oiled acacia wood and ceramics.
  • The approx. 8.000 m2 Larimar garden paradise with the new Koi pond, the valley of scents, the medical herb garden, the fruit-snack and wine garden ist not only a place to feel good for guests but also home to fish, bumblebees, butterflies and may other creatures of nature.
  • The Larimar kitchen is certified organic and has been awarded with the green hood for an exquisite natural and gourmet cuisine. We purchase many from our primary products from organic certified companies like vegetables, salads, meat, wine, grain, juices and many more. The majority of our products are from local suppliers, which is an added bonus for the region.
    We only cook on an open flame, which means that the food remains digestible and vital. Only genetically unmodified foods find their way into our kitchen.
  • Biogas is produced in the region from biogenic kitchen and garden waste
  • The Larimar heats with bioenergy from our town and is therefore completely Co2 neutral. Our Hotel is thus making its contribution to an even better ecological balance sheet.
  • If our guests arrive with public transport we are happy to pick them up from the train station Bad Waltersdorf and from the bus station in Stegersbach.

Generation of energy

Climate and energy model region Stegersbach

The Golf and thermal region Stegersbach composed of the partner communities Burgauberg-Neudauberg, Bocksdorf, Olbendorf, Ollersdorf, Rohr, Rauchwart and Stegersbach was already awarded in 2013 as a climate and energy model region. Climate protection, sustainable energy forms as well as energy efficiency are being forced, measures are taken and are being further developed with an implementation plan.

In alliance with the communities, regional economy and leading tourist establishments as well as the population first measures have already been implemented:

  • Installation of a region LED light source purchasing pool
  • Implementation of sustainable measures in the mobility sector
  • Installation of large photovoltaic systems

Ecological and economic optimization measures are in the foreground

Japanische Koifische im Naturteich
Farbenfrohe Blumen im Hotelgarten Larimar
Freundinnen-Tage im Larimar

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