Ayurveda Kräuterstempelmassage mit indischen Experten

Ayurvedic treatments: the key to

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Ayurveda treatments at the Hotel Larimar in Austria

In the Ayurveda hotel Larimar, treatments are carried out all year round by specialists from India. Find peace and relaxation and recharge your batteries.


Panchakarma means “five actions” or “fivefold action”. The name is derived from five ways of internal cleansing, which are anchored in Ayurvedic teachings. The inner cleansing takes place in a kind of drainage system, through the opening of the body to the outside, and serves to restore the vital energies.

Especially those who feel powerless and lack energy will benefit from a Panchakarma cure. But also those who want to get rid of complaints of all kinds – mental and physical nature, plan a new beginning or strive for spiritual clarity, will find a suitable method of purification in Panchakarma.

Die Kraft von Ayurveda kennenlernen
Ayurveda Behandlung Shirodhara

Panchakarma cure for internal cleansing

Part of the purification are not only material pollutants, but also those of a spiritual nature. In addition to waste products and undigested food components, the so-called “mala”, environmental toxins (“ama”) and stressful experiences and conflicts are also released during the cure.

In the execution of the cure the three Doshas of the Ayurveda teachings play a central role. The goal is the harmonious balance of these three main elements that make up nature in our organism. First, the individual Dosha type is determined and then intervened, or balanced by purging.

In addition to regular Panchakarma cures, which are also widely used in contemporary India, such as drinking a small amount of melted ghee (clarified butter) daily to release waste products in the body, the Indian medicine of Panchakarma includes five types of cleansing, which are chosen depending on the diagnosed imbalance:

  • Vaman: therapeutic vomiting
  • Virechan: intestinal cleansing
  • Basti: (herbal) enema
  • Nasya: cleansing of the nose, for example by nasal rinses.
  • Raktamokshan: bloodletting

By means of these cleansing rituals you relieve the body’s energy system and balance disharmonies in the organism. Especially slags and toxins, which have been deposited in the body in the form of acids and toxins, can be dissolved by means of Panchakarma and finally drained from the system. For this purpose, the Ayurveda detox cure at the health resort Larimar is also an option.

Ayurvedic treatments with Rasayana

Rasayana, known as the science of rejuvenation and renewal, forms the crown of Ayurvedic medicine. However, rejuvenation in the Ayurvedic sense goes far deeper than many Western notions of anti-aging: Rasayana focuses us instead on spiritual self-realization and the prevention of ailments caused by aging.

Special herbal blends, teas, and Ayurvedic dishes  – in concert with yoga, massage, and other positive interventions – support these inner and outer rejuvenating effects of our whole selves. The Ayurveda packages at the spa hotel Larimar in Austria also take you holistically on your own personal path of the essential, on your Rasayana!

Orientalische Dekoration im Premium-Spa
Ayurveda mit Spezialisten aus Indien

Detox with Ayurveda – detoxification & purification

The nutritional teachings represent one of the four pillars of the Ayurvedic teachings. Besides massages, spiritual yoga practice and herbal medicine, the ancient Indian “knowledge of life” also offers physical purification in this way: Every day we add substances to our body that can diminish our vitality and enrich the organism with harmful substances. Ayurveda and Ayurvedic food counteract this by promoting and strengthening the natural harmonization of our life energies.

Our body speaks with us and Ayurveda serves as an ideal translator of this sign language: General malaise, lack of energy and numerous other symptoms, for example, indicate a poor diet and an unhealthy lifestyle.

Ayurveda detox not only helps to prevent diseases, but also to treat them. To relieve the energy system, any imbalances must be harmonized. Long-term, holistic balance, however, requires thorough cleansing at the outset.

Ayurvedic teachings are based on the assumption that everything in nature is divided into the three doshas, the primary life energies:

  • Vata is associated with the elements of air and ether.
  • Pitta is associated with the elements of fire and water.
  • Kapha is associated with the elements of water and earth.

Ayurvedic dietetics offers general recommendations for dietary patterns, meals, and the ideal amount and mix of ingredients.

A balanced diet in the Ayurvedic sense supports metabolism and tissue development, and is also vegetarian in nature. Meat consumption should be kept to a minimum and alcohol is also not conducive to the harmonization of vital energies.

Do you want to get rid of mental- and physical complaints, experience first-class relaxation and gain new strength? Then do not hesitate to contact us, we look forward to informing you in detail about the Ayurveda treatments at the Hotel Larimar!

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