Ayurveda mit indischen Spezialistinnen im Hotel Larimar in Stegerbach

Rasayana for Vitality and Health

Improve your energy, vitality and youthfulness with an Ayurveda Rasayana cure

Veröffentlicht: 21. February 2023

Even if the process of aging is unstoppable, there are numerous things that can be done for the body and mind to stay vital and full of energy for a long time – such as balanced nutrition and exercise.

Rasayana has its source in the traditional Indian hygienics Ayurveda. Rasayana means “Path of the Essence“ and refers to the intake and digestion of food by the human body. In detail, Rasayana is described in the Charaka Samhita, an old script about Ayurveda, as an “ideal condition of the endosperm Rasa and other tissues.“

The central goal of Rasayana is to accomplish a long and healthy life. Therefore, a Rasayana cure is often compared to a rejuvenation cure.

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Rasayana cure at the Hotel Larimar

During a Rasayana cure at the Ayurveda hotel Larimar in Stegersbach, a row of treatment methods is used by the Indian Masters, which should strengthen and stimulate the body tissues and its vital functions. The cure can help patients to fully recharge their batteries, reach a holistic form of relaxation and meet the challenges of daily life in a calm way.

The traditional Ayurveda treatments are, among others, the Abyhanga full-body oil massage, the Kizhi massage with steam heated herb pouches and the Shirodhara with warm oil on the forehead.

Further ayurvedic treatments are – depending on the individual treatment plan of the cure – the head massage Shiroabhyanga, the foot massage Padabhyanga, the Marma energy massage and the Udvartana.
For the Udvartana massage, fine powder is used instead of oil. This activating powder massage should reduce fatty tissues and the “Dosha” Kapha, which is one of the three Doshas of Ayurveda.


Rasayana: time for the body and for recreation

A Rasayana cure at the health resort Larimar in the Burgenland should be a time of recreation. The guests should fully engage with their bodies. The focus always lies on the holistic health and well-being – during the medical checkup and the Ayurvedic pulse analysis, as well as the delicious Ayurvedic meals.

Besides that, lots of relaxation and recreation possibilities at the thermal spa Larimar in Austria ensure a pleasurable cure. Eight pools with thermal water, fresh water and alkaline water are heated all the year. Seven saunas and several recreation areas ensure perfect well-being.

We enjoy accompanying you on the way to new vitality, energy and youthfulness in your health- and wellness vacation with the holistic Rasayana cure in the Hotel Larimar for 5, 7 or 14 days.

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