Yoga am Koiteich wirkt entspannend im Hotel Larimar

Hatha Yoga
with Indian Yogis


Hatha Yoga retreats at the Hotel Larimar

Pause, enter into stillness and activate the flow of energy. Hatha Yoga is one of the oldest exercise and meditation techniques from India, which considers the human being in its entirety and has been practiced for thousands of years.

At the Ayurveda hotel Larimar, the Indian yogis teach how the physical exercises “asanas”, the breathing exercises “pranayama” and meditation can lead to a balance between body and mind.

The physical exercises (asanas) systematically build up the whole body. Muscles are strengthened, ligaments stretched, spine and joints made flexible. In addition, the yoga postures stimulate the blood circulation in all internal organs and the coordination and balance are trained.

The breathing exercises (Pranayama) lead to a conscious, free and deep breathing. They have a purifying effect, are calming and vitalizing on all body systems and activate the energies.

Meditation is the key to inner peace, mental clarity, creativity and the joy of living.

Badegenuss im Infinitypool im Hotel Larimar Stegersbach
Yoga, der Weg zum inneren Frieden

Hatha Yoga courses: holism & relaxation

To develop body and mind equally is the goal of the physical and mental yoga-training from the Indian health teachings of Ayurveda.

The main elements of yoga are:

  • postures (Asana)
  • breathing exercises (Pranayama)
  • concentration and collection (meditation)
  • relaxation and regeneration

Thanks to the special breathing technique, Hatha Yoga has a very relaxing effect and, in combination with meditations and physical exercises, it can optimize one’s mental and physical health. Performed correctly, yoga can alleviate postural problems and support healing processes.

Meditation is the key to inner peace, mental clarity, creativity and the joy of living. In this way, balance and well-being, inner peace and concentration can arise on a mental-spiritual level. Therefore, Hatha Yoga can be an ideal remedy for stress during a health retreat in Austria.

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Yoga mit dem indischen Yogi im Larimar am Pool
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