Pleasant Care and

Pampering full body treatments at the Larimar Spa

In the Larimar Spa, an elegant interior, harmonious design and a lot of naturalness create an incomparable atmosphere for letting go and relaxing.

The ambiance couldn’t be more perfect to indulge in the pampering hands of our highly trained beauticians. Give your body,  who is stressed by everyday life, a short break in the Larimar spa hotel in Austria. Selected peelings, packs and body masks are good for the skin and put you in a state of inner harmony.

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Die besten Behandlungen aus aller Welt
Wohltuende Massage im Larimar Premium-Spa

Recovery for your skin

Beneficial care and regeneration for the entire body

As the largest and most sensitive organ in the body, our skin is particularly vulnerable to a wide variety of external influences. Reason enough to give your skin a very special pampering treatment during your wellness vacation in Stegersbach, Austria. Our beauticians will be happy to assist you with their knowledge and many years of experience in order to select the best full-body treatments for you.

Verjüngerung im Südburgenland

Larimar Spa treatments for a beautiful body

Here is an excerpt from the extensive range of treatments that await you at the Larimar Spa.

Full-body peeling with sea salt and oils: Your skin is gently freed from dry skin cells, leaving it wonderfully smooth and supple.

Larimar full body pack: Gentle peeling and intensive moisturizing care for the whole body, supplemented by the harmonizing effect of the Larimar stone.

Full-body oil pack: Gentle peeling followed by an oil pack made from nutrient-rich organic vegetable oils such as jojoba, avocado or coconut.

Ocean Power: High-quality vital substances from the sea, such as intensively moisturizing algae, smooth and tighten the body silhouette.

St. Barth Softness: Experience the magic of the Caribbean with this gentle peeling massage with mineralized sea sand, coconut oil and natural papaya enzymes.

St. Barth Sensation: Surrounded by a fragrance of your choice, you can enjoy this pampering body pack with all your senses, while your skin is intensively supplied with nutrients and lipids.

In the Larimar Spa folder you will find more information and other interesting treatment options.