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Larimar Dance Weeks

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Dancing during your holidays

Dancing during your holidays at the Hotel Larimar in Burgenland, Austria
Dancing during your holidays

The ball season in Austria is in full swing in February, but you could say that dancing is always in season. This is true at Hotel Larimar, where you will find various dance workshops throughout the year. From ballroom dances to Latin dance, for every level from beginners to dance experts there are offers to suit every taste. Professional dance instructors will give you an understanding of different dances and dance styles.

“Dance is the hidden language of the soul.” Express your inner self, feel the power of the rhythmic sounds and become one with the music. Dancing is a genuine human desire and runs through all nationalities, ages and walks of life. Experience it for yourself!

Ball season workshop

In this workshop you prepare for an entertaining ball season. Practice all dances you need to know: English Waltz, Viennese Waltz, Polka, Foxtrot and Quadrille.

3th to 6th January 2019

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Tango Argentino workshop

Peter and Margarete Urbanek are Austrian champions in Tango Argentino and lead through this workshop.

15th of February until 17 h of February 2019

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Single & Line Dance workshop


Enjoy a entertaining weekend for singles and line dance fans. For beginners and advanced dancers.

29th - 31st of March 2019

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Dancing is entertainment - workshop

With this workshop you become fit for all dancing opportunities. Practice Disco Fox, Boogie, Twist, Charlston, Blues and Polka.

5th until 7th of April 2019

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Lindy Hop

Enjoy Lindy Hop during the Easter holiday, a dance style from the 30s, which is called father of the dances Jive, Boogie and Rock'n Roll.

Date: 19th of March until 22nd of April 2019

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Latino dance workshop

A weekend full of Latin rhythm and holiday feeling - you learn and practice Salsa, Mambo, Argentine Tango, Merengue and Bachata with your dance instructors Margarethe and Peter Urbanek.

20th to 23rd June 2019

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Oldschool Boogie & Westcoast Swing

Enjoy a lively dance week with Oldschool Boogie and Westcoast Swing. Andreas Jünger, formerly number 9 in the world ranking list, Austrian runner-up and 7-time Viennese champion in the Boogie Woogie accompanies you in the Hotel Larimar.

30th June to 5th July 2019

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Standard dancing week - July

A dancing week for beginners and advanced dancers. In different groups you learn and practice the most important dances like Viennese Waltz, Modern Waltz, Foxtrott, Quickstep, Tango and Slow Fox.

07th to 12th July 2018

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Latin dancing week

Caribbean feeling in the summer with the Latin dances Rumba, Samba, Jive and Cha Cha Cha (from Bronzeniveau with Paso Doble). Dancing Gymnastics "AGIMOBIL", single- & line dance. Look forward to a Latin dance festival with "Cuba Libre", hot Cuban music with flair from the native Cuban Silvio Gabriel live at the Caribbean night on 3rd August 2019. 

Date: 30th July - 4th August 2019

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Tango Milonga Festival - August

Tango outfits in the style of the 30s, authentic music and a Latin American ambience: Dancers can look forward to an extravagant dance workshop with the Austrian Tango State masters Peter & Margarethe Urbanek at the Tango Milonga Festival in Larimar.

11th to 15th August 2019

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Latino dance workshop

A weekend full of Latin rhythm and holiday feeling - you learn and practice Salsa, Mambo, Argentine Tango, Merengue and Bachata with your dance instructors Margarethe and Peter Urbanek.

25th to 27th October 2019

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Boogie dancing weekend

In this dancing weekend you learn and pracitce Boogie with Werner Dietrich.

Date:6th to 8th December 2019

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Dance workshops for every taste

Use your precious vacation days to indulge in the passion of dancing. Our Larimar dance packages include workshops for couples as well as for singles. Up to five hours a day are dedicated to dancing and learning to dance. Each of the Dance Weeks replaces a whole dance course. You will have the opportunity to learn from first-class dance instructors: Werner Dietrich, a certified dance teacher and choreograph at the Vienna Opera Ball, will guide you through lively days of dancing. To teach our Latin dance workshops, the Larimar has also brought in Austrian state champions Peter and Margarete Urbanek.

You can choose from the following dance workshops in the Hotel Larimar:

  • Ballroom dance
  • Recreational dance
  • Single & line dance
  • Latin dance
  • Argentine tango
  • Boogie & swing

Dancing and wellness

In the exquisite Larimar Thermal Bath, the sauna area and the spa you will find a lovely balance to your dance lessons. Here you can relax and let yourself be pampered with outstanding spa treatments from all over the world.

After a delicious evening menu you’ll have the chance to practise your new dance skills in the hotel lobby. Twice a week there is live music in the lobby and invites you to get out on the dance floor.

Whether at weddings, balls or parties, in pairs or in a group, dancing is sociable, gives expression to your emotions and is a pleasure for the soul. In the excellent dance workshops at the Hotel Larimar, you will be able to practise and perfect your dance steps so that you can conquer any dance floor in no time. Send a no obligation enquiry to the Larimar team and spend swinging dance weeks in Burgenland, Austria!

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