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Personality type analysis based on the 4 elements

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Earth, fire, water and air: the basis of all existence

All existence is based on the 4 elements of earth, fire, water and air. All people have their own individual mix of these elements. The elements are reflected in character and personality as well as in preferences and tendencies. Based on a short analysis, you can find out which elements define you the most. At the Hotel & Spa Larimar, we offer special elements rooms to enable you to balance out these elements.

Earth, fire, water or air type?

Take a few minutes to find out the proportions of the four elements in you. By answering a few simple questions, you can identify which personality type reflects you best.

Are you emotional or driven by reason? What are your strengths and what are your weaknesses? Do you prefer to take the lead or be led? The personality type analysis will advise you which elements best characterise you and what impact they have on your lifestyle.


4 Elements Test

The four elements are expressed differently in every person. They can change during the course of a person’s life. The more even the balance of these elements, the more harmonious your personality will be as a whole.

To achieve this harmonious balance, the weakest element needs to be strengthened as much as possible. At the Hotel Larimar, we prioritise holistic well-being. The well-being programme is based on the pillars of exercise, nutrition, therapies and treatments. We recommend different sports activities, well-being and beauty treatments and foods to suit your element type. Since the design of your environment also has an influence, you can choose an earth, fire, water or air room at the Larimar.

Send us a non-binding holiday enquiry to let us know which type of element room you require. If you are unsure, the Larimar team can help you to choose the element room which best suits your personality type.

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