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The philosophy at the 4-star superior Hotel & Spa Larimar

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Well-being and comfort

Refined hospitality and a unique ambience await at the 4-star superior Hotel & Spa Larimar, creating an air of luxury comfort. Exceptional well-being and treatment ensure that you can rest and relax in a harmonious ambience. The carefully designed rooms offer top quality well-being based on the four elements.

Comprehensive comfort

4-star superior Hotel & Spa Larimar in Stegersbach in Burgenland
4-star superior Hotel & Spa Larimar

The Hotel Larimar is anything but a normal hotel. The ecological construction style with lots of wood and green rooftops reflects the hotel’s roots in its natural setting. The Hotel Larimar has been built using the golden ratio according to the principles of sacred geometry and symmetry and features a brickwork design. The layout is based on the shape of an egg which opens out to the south. The egg is deemed to be the source of all life and is the very epitome of security.

Exceptional thermal spa & well-being offers

The Hotel Larimar opens up new pathways in health and well-being with its unique thermal spa and well-being offers. The Larimar team will support you in your journey to achieve greater quality of life with its unique ideas and effective treatments. Selected therapy and treatment methods from all over the world reveal new possibilities, break down blockages and help you become and stay healthy.

The Hotel Larimar also offers a special opportunity to undertake a comprehensive vitality check to allow you to gain new energy and optimise your health.

The power of the elements

People have been attributing special power and significance to the four elements ever since Antiquity. The four basic elements of earth, fire, water and air form the basis for all existence and for mankind. The individual elements are reflected in our character and way of living.

Element rooms at the Larimar spa hotel

Well-being and comfort at the Hotel Larimar in Stegersbach
Well-being and comfort

The four elements are reflected in the design of the rooms and in the hotel as a whole. You can choose to spend your holiday in Stegersbach in an earth, fire, water or air room. Each element room has been designed in a different colour and therefore arouses different feelings.

We would be happy to help you choose a room to suit you. Based on the personality type analysis, you can identify which element reflects you best and which reflects you least. To promote balance, we recommend that you select the element which is most weakly expressed in you.

Share your personal holiday requirements with the Larimar team and send us a non-binding booking enquiry!

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